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Vendor Registration

Registration process of our vendor is simple.

That's why you are welcome to be part of the Hudjannah automated dropship programme to help aspiring our community realise their dreams to do business as dropshipper as simple as SELECT & SYNC product listing.

We at Hudjannah are always on the lookout for potential vendors who can commited to supply ready stock high quality products and together success in business. We invite you to be registered vendor with us via the Customer Registration link. You can choose to be our vendor by clicking Vendor as your option (see picture below).

The different of 3 options of our customer group is stated in the table below.


Buy products via website and collect loyalti points for rewards.

Select & sync products that listed by into their marketplace account.

Upload products to the Hudjannah website and list them for dropshipper to syncronised it into marketplace.
Received invitation to attend our workshop series.///

All our registered vendors will need to create a positive working culture to establish good relationships of mutual interest in providing the best services. The HudJannah management will take action if any forms of influence, coercion or corruption are found. To ensure the credibility of each vendors and to protect our customers and dropshippers, we have taken the first step  which is all vendors who intend to do business with HudJannah will provide their Mykad and Company SSM Number through the Vendor Registration Process