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Step by step how to sourcing products

Step by step how to sourcing products from HudJannah.

How HudJannah Automated Dropship System Works?

Here, we list step by step how easier HudJannah Automated Dropship System works for you to run your online business.

First of all, we advice you to register with Poslaju-Shopee Free Shipping Program.

Click here for more information about Poslaju-Shopee Free Shipping Program and sign up. It takes about 7-14 days to get approved from Shopee.


a. Register as customer at HudJannah website to enabling your browsing experience to our variety product listing with prices shown. As a registered customer, you can buy our products at retail prices.

b. Choose option as Dropshipper.

c. When you registered as a dropshipper, you may access to HudJannah website and browsing the product listing with the discounted price. This is the dropship price that you'll enjoy to it when purchase as a dropshipper. Please noted that the price you sell to your customer is the price before discount. So, you can make profit with the difference price you get.

d. You must register as Shopee Seller and your seller account has been verified by Shopee.

e. You must register the Shopee Free Shipping Programme via PosLaju (This is for product listing by Malaysian vendor only). Register by click here. Wait until your participation request is successful.


a. Go to dropship dashboard.

b. Setting the authorization Shopee Shop  which is your Shopee Seller Account by entering your Shopee username and password.

c. Select and sync product you want to sell by one click only (This is an automate dropship system's feature).

d. The product you select and sync will be pushed into your Shopee Shop automatically. The attributes like photos, description, variations, stock amount and prices will syncronized within our system.

e. Check every single product that has been synced to your Shopee account and make sure the prices are markup like our retail prices. 

f. Promote your product listing by clicking boost button at Shopee account or share it on your social media.


a. When your customer buys from you at marked up prices, you must make sure the payment is confirmed.

b. After confirmed payment by your customer, you have to make immediately payment to HudJannah bank account at discounted prices (dropship price). 

c. After your payment to HudJannah bank account was confirmed, we arranged delivery direct to your customer.

IMPORTANT! Noted not to delay payment to HudJannah bank account for smoothness arrangement of product delivery by our supplier.

Any questions kindly refer our FAQ page, or email to

Or  you may reach us via whatsapp using this number >> 018-366 4053