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Dropshipper FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions by Dropshipper

1. What is dropshipping?


Dropshipping is a business model which seller running their business without ever holding any inventory. Dropship business model works when seller made a sale and their supplier will ship products from warehouse, straight to end customer’s shipping address. Noted that dropshipper will never need to worry about keeping stocks, packaging and arrangement of shipping the products.

Wants to learn more about dropshipping, you may read our article here.

2. How to start dropship business with HudJannah?


You may register as customer at HudJannah website using email address or log in via Facebook account. This will enabling you to access our product listing with retail price shown. After experiencing browsing our variety of product listing, you may go to dropship area page and start syncing the any products you want.

Click here to learn step by step how to sourcing products from us and sell at your online store, marketplace or media social.

3.  I don't have Shopee Account and I don't sell at Shopee. Can I still register as HudJannah dropshipper?


Yes, you can still sign up as our dropshipper even though you don't have account at Shopee and don't sell at Shopee. However, you will not gain the benefits of our automated dropship system. Click here to learn more about automated dropship system.

4. What is automated dropship system?


Click here to learn more about automated dropship system.

5.  How much the fee cost to be HudJannah dropshipper?


The dropship registration is FREE.

6. When I got order from my customer, what should I do?


You should login into HudJannah website, make sure the order is already pull into this system (if not, you may call/whatsapp/text our support team immediately +6018-366 4053).

You have to pay  dropship's price full payment into HudJannah Bank Account and email the proof of payment to HudJannah bank account information is as below.

        BANK ISLAM 
        Account Number: 12092010037552 
        Payee Name: HUDANUR KREATIF 

7. What if the product is failed to deliver to my customer?


If your order did not arrive due to exceptional circumstances outside our control such as delayed by a natural disaster or your customer providing the wrong shipping address, we did not refund the payment. Other than that, we try to trace the product via tracking number and if the product failed to trace or deliver because of bad service by shipping courier, we will refund full payment to you within 48 hours  (Terms and Conditions may applied).

8. What if the product  success deliver but not in a good condition such as broken or not functioning as describes?


You have to remind your customer to check the product if there has any damage or broken or even not functioning as describes within 24 hours. (If your customer need more times, example; the product arrived when they are not at home, your customer must confirm it before 24 hours after the product arrived, so we will negotiate into it).

If the product arrived with damage or any broken or not functioning as describes, ask your customer to take picture and video. Send the picture and the videos to us via email, or whatsaap at +6018-366 4053 within 24 hours. if we have the evidence of damage, broken or not functioning of the product, we will refund full payment within 48 hours  (Terms and Conditions may applied).

9. If I join Poslaju-Shopee Free Shipping Program, do HudJannah pull my airways bill?


Yes. Our system pull your airways bill automatically and we will send your customer's order using your airways bill.

9. I got this error "logistic channel (id:20007) not in shop logistic list" when I try to sync product. So, what should I do?


You must register the Poslaju-Shopee Free Shipping Program and approved by Shopee. Click here for more info.

10. I got this error "logistic channel (id:29910) not in shop logistic list" when I try to sync product. So, what should I do?


Please enabled the Others (West) and Others (East) Shipping Channel at your Shopee Shop Level.