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Automated Dropship System

Automated Dropship System

Dropship is a business model whereby sellers does not have to keep stocks/products they sell but purchasing from supplier only when their customer replace order. Then, the supplier will arrange packaging and ship the product directly to their customer's shipping address without reveal the name of the supplier. 

Automated dropship system is just like dropship business model but it turns traditional method into online system whereby seller do sourcing stocks from suppliers via online system. The online system will pull product's photos, descriptions, variations, stocks amount and prices into sellers' store such as e-commerce website or marketplace. For now, HudJannah system works with Shopee Marketplace only. In future, we will expand the automated system to many more marketplace as well as e-commerce website and social media too.

The best thing about automated dropship system is the stocks' amount is synchronized within sources (suppliers) and seller's store. Just like HudJannah, our dropship system will syncronized stocks' amount within our inventory system and dropshippers' Shopee Shop. When your customer replaces order, our system will pull the data and we're ready for packaging. We just wait until you make full payment for wholesale prices, then the shipment arranged by our supplier directly to your customer's door step.

So, you don't have to worry about managing inventory and shipment delivery. In fact, you don't need to do the tedious compilation works like copying product's photos and descriptions, then uploading manually into the marketplace. The automated dropship system will do it for you. You just have to focus on selling and marketing.